Estate Disputes and Litigation

Contesting a Will

Only certain individuals are entitled by legislation to contest a Will and there are many reasons to contest a Will, the most common is insufficient provision made in a Will.

If a family member, or dependant, feels that they have been excluded or not properly provided for, they can bring a claim for provision of an estate.

If early advice from an experienced solicitor is not sought, you may lose the opportunity to make a claim or be successful as there are time limitations in making an application to the Court.

Challenging a Will

When you challenge a Will, you are challenging the validity of the Will itself. A challenge to a Will is often for these main reasons: undue influence, fraud, forgery, or lack of mental capacity.

There are additional methods of challenging a Will and other common aspects of a Will that can be challenged and disputed. If you are considering challenging a Will, you should seek legal advice from us as soon as possible, as strict time limits apply. 

Our knowledge and thorough understanding of estate law means that we can provide you with all the right information and keep you informed and up to date on everything you need to know.

Estate Litigation

Many disputes can be resolved by negotiation without having to step inside a court room. However, if litigation is required, we can certainly assist and provide you with the best representation possible.

If you are an executor or a beneficiary, a family member or a dependant of someone in relation to an estate and have any questions or concerns about any issue regarding the will or the administration of the estate, please contact our office and we can arrange a consultation.